Getting Started With Hugo: Series taxonomy and navigation

I wanted to introduce a support for “series” ‒ an ordered collection of posts about the same topic. For example, this post is the 4th post in the series “Getting Started with Hugo”. And I wanted to enable navigation between different posts from the same series instead of just going to “next” or “previous” post in the blog. I looked on internet and found many articles about how to do it using Hugo.

Getting started with Hugo: Hosting and Publishing

Hosting After a brief review of the selected Hugo settings, let’s review the decisions about hosting. I used only two criteria when I was choosing hosting for my blog website: Convenience – the service should be simple to use, allow automation, to have both CLI and Web interface and, ideally, familiar Costs – it should be cheap or, ideally, it should be free The choice for the website source code management was straightforward.

Getting started with Hugo: Customize Website

Almost all customizations for Hugo websites can be done using configuration. The configuration is stored in the single place the hugo.yaml file at the root folder of the website. Hugo comes with the hugo.toml (TOML) but I prefer to use YAML for my configurations. Hugo also supports JSON if you like it more. Documentation is nice and descriptive. I found several guidelines about what should be included into the config file.

Getting started with Hugo: Beginning

Welcome, this is the first post in my new blog. I found only two reasons for doing self-hosted blog: I can select the engine and formatting instead of getting annoyed with limitations of managed (although free) platforms such as Medium. Controlling blog hosting makes it more resilient compared to external hosting that is driven by business dedcisions over which I have no control. So, I decided to do an experiment with creating a blog website and in a year (it will be March, 2025) to run a retrospective of the blog hosting and maintenance and decide whether I will continue with the project.