Define Google Cloud Managed Service for Monitoring

You may have seen this notice when opening SLOs Overview in Cloud Console. This notice announces a recent change in the way of defining services for Cloud Monitoring. Before the change, Cloud Monitoring automatically discovered services that were provisioned in AppEngine, Cloud Run or GKE. These services were automatically populated in the Services Overview dashboard. After the change, all services in the Services Overview dashboard have to be created explicitly. To simplify this task, when defining a new service in UI you are presented with a list of candidates that is built based on the auto-discovered services.

Google Cloud SLO demystified: Uncovering metrics behind predefined SLOs

Google Cloud supports service monitoring by defining and tracking SLO of the services based on their metrics that are ingested to Google Cloud. This support greatly simplifies implementing SRE practices for services that are deployed to Google Cloud or that store telemetry data there. To make it even more simple to developers, the service monitoring is able to automatically detect many types of managed services and supports predefined availability and latency SLI definitions for them.